Colfax Half-Marathon Race Report

colfax 1.jpg

Another half-marathon in the books! Colfax is one of my favorite Colorado races because the course is so pretty.

Wait, what? If you know anything about Colfax Avenue, "pretty" would not be the adjective you would choose!

"Trashy" or "dangerous" or "icky" is more likely to come to mind when you hear the name Colfax, if you live in Colorado.

But only a mile and a half (approximately) of the course is actually on the infamous Colfax Avenue. The rest is up and down tree-lined streets with big beautiful homes, around City Park, and through the Denver Zoo. So, yes it is pretty.

I was using this race as a training run for the two 70.3 races I've signed up for this year. A well-supported training run!

I felt good most of the way but had to make two pit-stops in the porta-potties. Walked through several aid stations too. But the good thing is I felt strong the last 4 miles and it's because I planned my nutrition well (and the speedwork I've been doing hasn't hurt either).

I ran my last mile faster than the previous 12 miles. This is because I follow a relatively high carbohydrate diet. And I make sure to get some carbs mid-race to give me that 2nd win near the end. It worked beautifully today!

My finish time of 2:15 was fine with me. I liked how I felt during the run. I started off very slow and kept the pace slower than what I wanted for the first 6 miles and then threw in a few spurts every mile or so. But my right foot was hurting quite a bit so I backed off again.

My half-marathon PR is 1:38 but that was many years ago. Back in the day, as they say!

Here's my good friend, Lisa, who ran a most excellent race today!

colfax 2.jpg