16 Week Ironman Nutrition Plan

16 Week Ironman Nutrition Plan


Get a customized nutrition plan that gives you the energy and strength you will need to train for a 70.3 race. Make the most of your workouts by fueling them the right way and by meeting your calorie and macronutrient needs on a daily basis so that on race day, you are ready to go!

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Work with Dr. Cindy for 16 weeks to get all of your triathlon nutrition needs covered! For 16 weeks, you will get:

  • Customized nutrition assessment and prescription

  • Phone call or video chat to review your assessment and prescription

  • Customized meal plans with simple recipes, grocery lists, and prep guides

  • Access to an online food log where you can log your food and beverage intake and get frequent feedback from Cindy

  • Customized race nutrition plan

  • Guidance on what to eat during race week

  • Pre-race phone call to review your race nutrition plan

  • Unlimited email and text dialogue for questions and support throughout the 16 weeks

You will also receive an invitation to join Dr. Cindy’s private Facebook group “2 Doc Triathlon Nutrition” where she provides ongoing nutrition information, support, and opportunities for asking nutrition-related questions that you know will come up as your training progresses!

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