8 Week Triathlon Nutrition Plan

8 Week Triathlon Nutrition Plan


What's included in your 8 Week Triathlon Nutrition Plan:

  • Nutrition assessment of your current eating habits and nutritional intake

  • Nutrition prescription which includes daily calorie and macro-nutrient targets to support your training

  • Customized meal plans, recipes, prep guides, and shopping lists using EatLove, where you have full access to 4000 dietitian-curated recipes

  • 8 weeks of online food logging to ensure you are hitting your macro- and micronutrient targets, with frequent feedback from Cindy

  • Race nutrition plan that includes what you will eat and drink on race day, customized to your food and product likes/dislikes, GI issues, hydration needs, and race goals

  • Unlimited email dialogue and frequent text messaging

  • At least one 45 min phone call or video chat (whichever you prefer) to review your plan, ask questions, discuss progress, etc. **

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