That Fit Life

What is a fit life??

Does it mean having 6-pack abs and 5% body fat? Do you need to run 7-minute miles or hold 5-minute planks?

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The answer is NO.

A fit life is one in which you engage in physical activity that brings you joy on a regular basis.

It’s a life where you prioritize physical activity to be one of the most important things that you do several times a week, all year long.

It’s a life where you look forward to moving your body and you integrate physical activity into your daily routine.

It’s a life where you are reaping all of the powerful benefits of an active lifestyle: better mood, better sleep, more energy, clearer thinking, ability to do the things you want to do, higher body-confidence, and many other benefits.

Fit bodies come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and abilities.

Fit bodies come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and abilities.

Fit people outlive unfit people, regardless of body size or weight. Thus, we believe that it’s better to be fat and fit, than skinny and unfit!

Either way, regular physical activity is the single best predictor of a long healthy life.

How do you get a fit life? We can help you do that!

Coach Kurt can create a personalized fitness program that fits your schedule, likes/dislikes, abilities, and goals. He can coach you along the way, giving you feedback and guidance. Using video, he can also assess any biomechanical issues you might have or address any medical issues.

Coach Cindy can create a personalized nutrition plan for you that supports your active lifestyle. No crazy diets - just simple healthy food that you like put into a meal plan that fits your schedule, budget, and health goals.

Contact us to see how we can help YOU get a fit life!