Triathlon Coaching and Nutrition

Triathlon Coaching and Nutrition


Triathlon coaching AND nutrition - we do both!

For just $399 per month, we will provide you with a customized triathlon training plan AND a nutrition plan to help you reach your goals AND coach you for as long as you want. Both plans will be built around your schedule, likes/dislikes, and race goals. Coach Kurt and Coach Cindy will create the plans and provide weekly guidance, support, and encouragement for as long as you want.

This unique package includes the following:

  • Premium Training Peaks account

  • Personalized training plan for the race of your choice

  • Fitness testing (locally or remotely)

  • Weekly feedback on training via Training Peaks

  • Monthly phone call from Coach Kurt and Coach Cindy

  • Personalized nutrition plan, including daily calorie and macronutrient targets, meals plans with grocery lists and recipes, food logging with frequent feedback.

  • Race nutrition plan and pre-race phone call

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