Off-Season Nutrition

Use Your Off-Season Time Wisely by Working With Cindy to:

  • Focus on nutrition for overall health and well-being

  • Enjoy good food without dieting

  • Strengthen your immune system and gut microbiome

healthy food.jpg

The Off-Season Nutrition Plan includes 4 weeks where you can:

✔ Work on your nutrition and/or food issues with an expert without having the pressure of a race hanging over you!

✔ Log your food & beverage choices, your hunger and fullness levels, your workouts into an online journal and share other nutrition-related info you encounter during your day and receive frequent feedback from Cindy

✔ Use secure video chat to "meet" with Cindy to answer questions and discuss your progress (accountability is KEY to success!)

✔ Receive 4 weeks of customized menus to help you get in the habit of planning healthy meals (with a discounted option to continue after 4 weeks).

Perfect for busy runners and triathletes!