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Here's How it Works:

  1. Explore our 3 packages below, that combine customized triathlon coaching with nutrition support.

  2. Purchase the plan that works best for you.

  3. If you're not sure which package is ideal for your training, schedule a free 15 minute strategy session

By investing in both coaching AND nutrition, you are much more likely to achieve your goals (with a lot less stress!).

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New to Triathlon, or Returning?

Dana, one of our athletes, finishing her FIRST Ironman!

Dana, one of our athletes, finishing her FIRST Ironman!

Let's start with a free strategy call. We'll discuss your unique goals, and how we can help you meet them in a smart, manageable way. Don't guess, train smart!

Coming back from an injury? We got you! As a sports medicine physician, Coach Kurt knows what types of training you should or shouldn't be doing based on what kind of injury you had. He can create a training plan that helps your injury continue to heal as you train for your race.

Whether you're a newby or a novice, we can help you reach your goals. We have the knowledge and experience to get you across the finish line with a smile on your face!


Not sure? Start with a free 15 minute strategy session with a Tri-Doc!

"Kurt and Cindy have been so flexible with my ever-changing time commitments. My swimming ability went from nothing to 750 yards in a span of 2 months all thanks to Kurt’s instruction. My bike workouts are always exciting, and although I came from a running background, I came to Kurt with knee injuries. Kurt made sure my running workouts will allow me complete the sprint tri without making my knee condition worse. He makes sure I get the medical attention I need so I can enjoy the triathlon I’m working on. As for my diet, Cindy helped me embrace a wholistic approach to food. I am used to counting calories and with Cindy’s outlook on food I am able to enjoy delicious and nutritious food that really power my workouts."
- Louie, New Triathlete

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Energy Bars and Snacks for Busy Triathletes

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Testimonial from one of Cindy's clients:

"I started working with Cindy during my training for HIM St George purely because I was training hard but constantly hungry and fatigued, sometimes bailing on my workouts because I had no energy. I had never worked with a nutritionist before and was nervous. I was training hard and trying to lose a few stubborn pounds. I genuinely thought I was eating too much. I didn’t realize I was cutting my calories too severely and ruining my performance at the same time. It was a lot for me to put myself out there and have someone look at what I ate. I was reassured during our first chat as I realized Cindy does not judge or criticise. It turned out I wasn’t eating nearly enough for my ultimate goal, and during hard training I was actively encouraged to eat much more than I had previously... those were happy months! My training improved, as did my mood and focus. Cindy kept in touch regularly and answered all of my questions and supported me when I needed it. Cindy provided nutrition guidelines for my daily living and also race day, talking through the plans in advance to make sure I was confident and understood how to eat well for optimum performance. 

After St George I decided to keep working with Cindy during the off season to lose a little excess weight whilst I wasn’t training so intensely. Cindy re-evaluated my diet and nutritional needs and created an affordable and easy to follow plan.  After a few months I am eating better without even thinking about it as I have learned to make healthier choices. I still have treats as Cindy doesn’t like to deny any foods, instead I have learned to identify why I want those foods and enjoy them when I do eat them. I have lost body fat whilst maintaining muscle and I can perform during my training sessions and short distance triathlons. I have learned a lot about nutrition working with Cindy, she has made eating very simple and enjoyable again!" Kat, triathlete