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Triathlon and Nutrition Coaching  

We help you get faster with expert coaching and solid nutrition planning.


We Do BOTH: Coaching AND Nutrition

Most triathlon coaches provide you with coaching and training plans but then you’re left on your own to figure out the nutrition piece. Not us! We do both!

Do You Need a Coach?

It's a common misconception that coaching for endurance sports is only for elite athletes. While many coaches prefer to work with elite athletes, we prefer to work with beginner and intermediate-level athletes who want to up their game.

Coaching is truly beneficial for everyone. Expert attention and a carefully crafted plan can mean training smarter and staying healthy. Training plans developed by experts (who are triathletes themselves), combined with coaching, leads to faster finish times

Train Intelligently, Stop Guessing

No matter your pace or your experience, you deserve support to cross that finish line feeling confident, healthy and capable. With thousands of training plans online it's very easy to start throwing darts in the dark, hoping and guessing that the training plan is right for your body, medical history, age and ambition. And we know from personal experience how frustrating it can be to train for an endurance event feeling unsure about your preparation, approach and execution.

That's why working with expert coaches who actually know YOU will make a huge difference.

Whether you're an experience competitor looking to shave your PR, or it's your very first time signing up for a triathlon (on or off-road), know that support from experienced coaches can mean the difference between training in the dark with anxious uncertainty or training with expert guidance and competing with confidence.


Featured athlete: Dana Gaetani

Cindy and Kurt were amazing! We worked together for four months to get me ready for my first ironman. Kurt made sure we had weekly check ins and He Adjusted my workouts when I had a pain or just too tired. Cindy made sure that I was confident in my nutrition and that it worked for ME. I didn’t hurt at all after my race, and I attribute that to the amazing training and nutrition plan I received from these two awesome coaches.

Don't Waste Time - Hire an Expert!

I got great feedback from Cindy on each meal. I have tons of energy and have increased my performance in swimming, biking and running. I would highly recommend working with her to get your nutrition on track. It worked for me!!
— Renee, triathlete
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