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CORE Race Nutrition Plan

Don't let your training go down the drain on race day by what you ate or didn't eat!

Have an expert plan your race nutrition for you!

Coach Cindy has years of racing experience in addition to her doctorate in nutrition. In other words, she knows her stuff!

She will work closely with you to make sure the plan works well with your GI system and your race goals. You can plan with food on the race course and/or food that you bring to the race.

You will practice the plan several times (the more often, the better) and work with Coach Cindy to fine-tune the plan to perfection. 

Using CORE Nutrition software, Coach Cindy will create a totally customized race nutrition plan for you. This plan will be based on: 

  • your food/product likes and dislikes

  • the distance you are racing

  • the predicted outside temperature and your sweat rate (Cindy will determine this)

  • the products provided at your race and/or what food/products you will bring

  • your hydration needs

  • the exact mile point where you should aim to consume food or fluid to finish strong

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An example of what a CORE nutrition plan looks like is provided in this article by Dr. Asker Jeukendrup, respected nutrition scientist and co-developer of CORE.

You will be able to print out a pace band to put on your bike or a wrist band for your race, which will give you the mile points at which to eat and/or drink.

Plan Your Race Day Nutrition WITH AN EXPERT: Coach Cindy!